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Droid #233

First page of a new Moleskine.

Starting a new sketchbook for me, has always been a bit daunting. There’s often this thought that a sketchbook has to be full of brilliant illustrations - I’m finally getting over that. Sketchbooks have to be about ideas first and foremost, perhaps technique after that. Pretty pictures come last.

Thought I’d start this one with a few little robo doodles. Quite like the fella in the bottom right. We may see a bit more of him.


Test footage from Alien was way creepy, even with the xenomoprh out of costume

"You may remember that the titular xenomorph in Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic Alien was sometimes depicted by a man in a suit. Here’s test footage of 6’10” Nigerian actor Bolaji Badejo practicing his extraterrestrial motions. Even with a mock-up of the xenomorph’s head alone — and Badejo running around in his underwear — these reels remain unsettling”

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